Phone Survey Participants’ Reported Contraceptive Method Uptake and Unmet Need After Implant Removal by Context, Ghana

Adopted contraceptive method after removal35.628.7
    Method used(n=116)(n=29)
        Emergency Contraception11.13.5
        Intrauterine device2.40.0
    Reasons for not adopting method(n=193b)(n=72)
        Want to get pregnant37.418.1
        Side effects/health concerns34.836.1
        Lost partner/partner away11.26.9
        Partner disapproves3.911.1
Unmet need for family planning after removalc33.353.5
  • a Frequencies are unadjusted, percentages and means are adjusted for sampling weights.

  • b Five respondents did not provide a response to this question, thus the reduced sample size.

  • c Unmet need is defined as not adopting a method of family planning after removal for all reasons other than desiring pregnancy, reporting no sexual activity, and reporting infecundity.