Phone Survey Participants’ Reported Contraceptive Implant Side Effects and Social Influence by Context and Desire to Remove Implant, Ghana

Ever Wanted Removal(n=373)%Never Wanted Removal(n=786)%Ever Wanted Removal(n=231)%Never Wanted Removal(n=842)%
Reported experiencing bleeding side effects85.275.6(n=230) 90.0(n=840) 77.3
    Most commonly mentioned bleeding side effectsb(n=315)(n=597)(n=208)(n=651)
        Stopped having period39.337.246.648.9
        Bleed more during period37.625.719.714.8
        Bleed less during period23.825.522.124.3
        Period lasts longer26.023.026.424.3
        Period is shorter13.815.418.318.0
Reported experiencing side effects (other than bleeding)(n=372) 59.6(n=784) 40.3(n=230) 70.0(n=840) 38.0
    Most commonly mentioned other side effectsb(n=227)(n=315)(n=161)(n=320)
        Weight change43.240.140.433.4
        Abdominal pain11.121.914.915.9
Reported someone influenced to stop using implant40.531.851.529.8
    Person(s) influenced byb(n=154)(n=237)(n=118)(n=215)
        Neighbor or friend54.983.554.276.9
        Husband or partner42.114.431.412.0
        Other person/unspecified3.89.910.210.8
  • a Frequencies are unadjusted, percentages and means are adjusted for sampling weights.

  • b Multiple responses possible, spontaneous mention.