Pilot CHW Program Design in Relation to WHO Guidelines

WHO Recommended CHWProgram Attributes4CHW Pilot Program Descriptive CharacteristicsProgram Alignment WithWHO Recommendations


  • Have minimum education requirement of 10th level

  • Locally selected women who live in the community they serve

  • Includes both preservice and continuous training

  • Training combines theory and practice based in community

  • Formal program certification is currently in process, pending government approval

Supportive supervision

Supervisors conduct:

  • Regular in-person supervision including observation in community

  • Dedicated supervision, data-driven feedback, and performance review

  • CHWs are salaried, full-time employees, at a rate competitive to local market conditions, paired with additional non-financial incentives

Career ladder
  • Pending further government certification/approval

CHW: population ratio
  • Ratio is based upon epidemiology, geography, topography, security, andworkload/expected responsibilities

Data collection/utilization
  • CHWs collect data via mHealth platform, use in monitoring and review with supervisors, use in service delivery improvements

Community integration
  • CHWs mobilize resources and promote health and social needs

Supply chain
  • CHWs have reliable and consistent supply of medicines and supplies closely linked to local primary health centers

  • Abbreviations: CHW, community health worker; WHO, World Health Organization.