Characteristics of Contraceptive Implant Acceptor Exit Interview Participants, Ghana

Age, years, mean (SD)31.0 (7.0)
Marital status, %
    Never married30.0
Parity, mean (SD)3.3 (1.8) (n=47)
Highest education, %
Religion, %
Have health insurance, %16.0
Wealth quantiles, %(n=49)
Months since implant inserted, %(n=48)
Mean (SD)51.4 (16.8)
    ≤ 2412.5
Implant typea, %
Adopted contraceptive method after removal, %66.0
Contraceptive method used, %(n=33)
    Intrauterine device3.0
    Female sterilization3.0
Reasons for not adopting method, %(n=16b)
    Want to get pregnant25.0
    Side effects/health concerns12.6
    Partner disapproves31.3
Unmet need for family planning after removalc24.0
  • a Implant type determined by comparing participant responses to number of rods in their implant and the duration of protection. Response combinations that do not describe any available implant are categorized as unknown.

  • b One respondent did not provide a response to this question, thus the reduced sample size.

  • c Unmet need is defined as not adopting a contraceptive method after removal for all reasons other than desiring pregnancy, reporting no sexual activity, and reporting infecundity.