Implants Access Program Objectives, Barriers Addressed, and Partner Approaches

ObjectivesBarriers AddressedPartner Approaches
1. Improve market dynamics
  • High unit price of the primary LARC demanded in FP2020 countries

  • Volume guarantee to lower price of implants

  • Support for market entry of a generic implant product

2. Strengthen supply chain performance
  • Limited and inconsistent information on country procurement needs and supply availability

  • Inconsistent supply availability at service delivery points

  • Improvements to data visibility, transparency, and coordination to better match country-level supply and demand

  • Introduction of dashboards and job aids to strengthen and support in-country supply chain efforts

3. Improve and expand service delivery
  • Shortage of trained providers to insert and remove implants

  • Creation and expansion of innovative and cost-effective training approaches

  • Expansion of the range of service delivery models to provide LARCs

4. Increase knowledge and awareness
  • Limited knowledge among women about family planning options including implants

  • Community awareness and sensitization activities to increase understanding of family planning and benefits of LARCs

5. Together, the strategies above contributed to a fifth objective: Improve the enabling environment for contraceptives
  • Abbreviation: LARC, long-acting reversible contraceptive.