Table 1. UN Interagency List of Essential Devices for Reproductive Health Requiring Electricity
Essential DevicesFirst-Level ClinicReferral-Level Facility (Non-Hospital)
Scanner, ultrasound
Sterilizer, steam ∼24–40 L
Sterilizer, steam ∼39–100 L
Vacuum extractora
Breast pumpa
Anesthesia/Resuscitation Equipment
Free-standing anesthesia system
Newborn incubator
Patient monitor
Nebulizer, atomizer, with electric compressor
Phototherapy unit
Pulse oximeter portable unit
Resuscitation table (newborn)
Resuscitation ventilator (adult/child)
Electric baby warmer
  • Facility appliances, such as electric lights, communication equipment, water pumps, and refrigeration, are not included in the table.

  • a Manual version sometimes available.

  • Source: Adapted from the “Interagency List of Essential Medical Devices for Reproductive Health.”5