Quantitative Results of Landscape Analysis of Pilot Studies in 10 Countries on the Standard Days Method of Family Planning

StudyCountryParticipants, NDiscontinuation, NPregnancies, NApproval, %Would Recommend, %Correct Use at 6 Months, %Previous FP Use, %
Ram and Doracaj, 20077Albania76305918543a
Capo-Chichi and Anastasi, 20058Benin219332190909545a; 39b; 20c; 7d
Bicaba et al., 20059Burkina Faso7920290909522e
IRH, 200811Democratic Republic of the Congo8844998415a
IRH, 200514El Salvador14343179062e
Bekele, 201210Ethiopia1843629120a
Burkhart et al., 200013Guatemala3016332100100i9588a
Dosajh, Ghosh, Lundgren, 200515India230822099f,h; 70g,h98c,j; 77d,j8774f,k; 66m,p; 1n,o,p
IRH, 200616India482q; 285r130q; 68r77q; 20r9745a,p; 28a,q
Johri, Panwar, Lundgren, 200512India4822257390s90f; 70g9859t; 41c; <3p
Blair et al., 200718Rwanda121301699f; 88g96a
Kalaca et al., 20056Turkey132534
Kursun, Cali, Sakarya, 20145Turkey8434863f,s; 67g,s12n
  • Abbreviations: FP, family planning; IRH, Institute for Reproductive Health.

  • a Never used modern method.

  • b Periodic abstinence.

  • c Condoms.

  • d Withdrawal.

  • e Not using modern family planning method in previous 2 months.

  • f Women.

  • g Men.

  • h Consider it a useful method.

  • i Of those who completed 1 year of use.

  • j Who hit 12 cycles.

  • k Had used some method in past, primarily condoms.

  • m Condoms.

  • n Withdrawal.

  • o Intrauterine device.

  • p Using method in previous 2 months.

  • q Rural.

  • r Urban.

  • s Satisfied with method.

  • t First-time family planning users.