Effect of the Electronic Partogram Intervention on Incidence of Early Perinatal Mortalitya Using Facility Data

EPM Incidence per 100 Birthsb (95% CI)EPM Incidence per 100 Birthsc (95% CI)Adjusted IRRd (95% CI)Difference-in-Difference (95% CI)P Value
ePartogram2.21 (1.77–2.77)1.82 (1.49–2.20)0.81 (0.66–1.01)0.73 (0.53–1.00)P<.05
Paper partogram2.82 (1.99–3.99)3.05 (2.29–4.05)1.12 (0.89–1.41)
  • Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; ePartogram, electronic partogram; EPM, early perinatal mortality; IRR, incident rate ratio.

  • a Early perinatal mortality comprises neonatal (<24 hours) deaths + fresh stillbirths. Births comprise live births + fresh stillbirths. This analysis included all EPM recorded in the health facility, regardless of whether enrolled in study or not. The model accounts for facility-level clustering and adjusts for facility variables of affiliation (public versus private), capacity to address emergencies (CEmONC versus BEmONC), presence of a medical or clinical officer (yes/no), percentage of providers trained in labor management by study staff (≥75% or <75%), median years of provider experience, and whether a health worker strike was occurring in the month in public facilities (yes/no).

  • b Six-month period before study.

  • c During study implementation.

  • d Comparing before and during study rates in each group.