Men's Risk-Taking Behaviors, by Men's Reported Type of Relationship With AGYW Sex Partner, Mozambique

Relationship Type
Wife/live-in partner (n=190)Steady partner (n=379)Irregular partner (n=120)Ex-partner (n=17)Friend (n=209)Colleague/student (n=12)Just met (n=44)Sex worker (n=7)
Condom use at last sex
Yes (n=591)24.2***64.9*72.5*64.771.9***83.379.5**85.7
No (n=388)75.835.127.535.328.116.720.514.3
Condom use frequency in last 12 months
Consistent (n=389)8.4***43.455.2**41.254.6***58.364.7**75.0
Inconsistent (n=557)91.656.744.858.945.441.735.325
  • Abbreviation: AGYW, adolescent girls and young women.

  • P<.10;

  • * P<.05;

  • ** P<.01;

  • *** P<.001; P values are based on chi-square statistics from bivariate analysis.