Total Family Planning Users in Intervention and Comparison Facilities, by Quarter and County, Liberia, 2016–2017

Q1 (May–Jul 2016)Q2 (Aug–Oct 2016)Q3 (Nov 2016–Jan 2017)Q4 (Feb–Apr 2017)Q5 (May–Jul 2017)% Change (Q3–Q1)% Change (Q4–Q1)% Change (Q5–Q1)a
Grand Bassa County
Comparison facilities3,3632,9143,3652,9862,3880%−11%−29%
Intervention facilities4,8624,3785,9985,7864,53823%19%−7%
Lofa County
Comparison facilities1,5661,9242,0621,7491,12132%12%−28%
Intervention facilities1,1742,0592,3233,0491,09898%160%−6%
  • a The Ministry of Health conducted Family Planning Contraceptive Week in Q1–Q4, but not in Q5 due to resource constraints.