Observations of On-Site Coordinators on Improvements Due to Health Volunteers Overseas Training, 2018 Survey

CountryClinical SpecialtyObserved Improvement/Accomplishment
BhutanNursing/oncologyDevelopment and implementation of nursing chemotherapy assessment form that was approved and implemented by nursing department as a standard of care practice
BhutanEmergency medicineInitiation of emergency medicine residency program and emergency medical technician/emergency medical responder program
CambodiaAnesthesiaEpidural analgesia protocol implemented in maternity department
GhanaHand therapyImplementation of new protocol for management of flexor tendon repairs
HaitiPhysical therapyClinical guidelines and assessment form for stroke patients implemented
NepalOral healthClinical protocols in orthodontics implemented, and adoption of conscious sedation for the first time in the dental department
PeruHematologyIntroduction of the Wright-Giemsa stain for better cytological evaluation of bone marrow smears in hematological diseases, new to hospital
TanzaniaHematologyClinical protocols developed for management of all hematological malignancies