Variations in Community-based Access to Injectable Contraception Programs, by Country

CHW cadreHeath surveillance assistantAgents de santé Communautaire and/matroneVillage heath teams
Education levelMust have a Malawi Certificate of Education, (equivalent of secondary school completion)Must have minimum of a primary educationMust have completed at least 7 years of primary schooling
Training10 weeks
Injectables: 2 days theory; 3 days practicum
1-2 weeks
Injectables: 3 days theory; 5 days practicum
1 week
Injectables: 7-10 days
PaymentApproximately 100 USD/monthUnpaidUnpaid
ProgramNationwide program, supported by Ministry of HealthJoint government/partner supported programPartner-supported program
  • Abbreviation: CHW, community health worker.