Domains of Structural Quality Assessed to Determine the Readiness to Provide PAC

Domains of Structural QualityMeasures Assessed
Service availabilityReported service availability of uterine evacuation and contraceptive methods; times of service availability; availability of contraceptives to PAC clients by treatment method and contraceptive method type
Human resource capacityNumber of staff by training status in all PAC treatment methods, LARCs; reported proportion of time trained staff are available at facility to perform PAC
Service delivery environmentObserved privacy and cleanliness of PAC provision environment, availability of running water, electricity, toilet, and information, education, and communication materials on PAC; presence of sink, operating furniture, and essential linens
Supplies and contraceptivesAvailability of essential supplies, medications, and contraceptives in PAC provision setting (i.e., those required to implement the signal functions)
Infection prevention and waste managementSystem in place for solid infectious waste disposal, liquid infectious waste disposal, availability of protocols for collection and processing of waste, facility staff trained in waste management, and availability of infection prevention materials and supplies
Health information systemAvailability and completeness of PAC register, documentation of gestational age, and treatment detail of clients in obstetrical register and maternal death register
  • Abbreviations: LARCs, long-acting reversible contraceptives; PAC, postabortion care.