PAC Providers’ Experience Providing Contraceptive and Pregnancy Counseling (N=43)

No. (%)
Talked to PAC clients about future plans to have childrena43 (100)
Thinks PAC clients can become pregnant again:
Within 10 days of treatment28 (65)
After 1 month or more post treatment11 (26)
Tells PAC clients to wait 6 months before becoming pregnant again40 (93)
Feels has enough time to counsel/refer PAC clients to voluntary contraception29 (67)
Counseled PAC clients on voluntary contraception/referred them to secondary health post for methoda43 (100)
Discusses long-acting and permanent methods
IUD28 (65)
Implants33 (77)
Female sterilizationb8 (19)
Vasectomy7 (16)
Discusses short-acting methods
Oral contraceptives36 (84)
Injectables39 (91)
Male condoms24 (56)
Female condoms13 (30)
Emergency contraception pills4 (9)
Discusses fertility awareness methods
CycleBeadsc9 (21)
Provider personally gives contraceptive methods to PAC clients32 (74)
  • Abbreviation: PAC, postabortion care.

  • a In the past 3 months.

  • b PAC clients are generally asked to return to the facility to seek this procedure.

  • c This method cannot be initiated by a PAC client until return to normal menses; this is important to avoid a future unintended pregnancy.