Critical Components of PAC Service Delivery Assessed in Direct Observations of Client-Provider Interaction

Treatment MethodCritical Components
MVAInitial counseling and assessment; triage; initial history; family planning history; family planning counseling; medical evaluation; discussion of treatment options; initial infection prevention; MVA preparations; MVA procedure; post-MVA infection prevention; post-procedure care/other; and predischarge care (13 components)
MisoprostolInitial counseling and assessment; initial and reproductive health history (including family planning); medical evaluation; establishes diagnosis/confirms eligibility for misoprostol; informs of treatment options; provides correct information on misoprostol; ensures client understands expected effects and side effects; ensures client understands signs of complications; counsels women on return to fertility and family planning; and follow-up (10 components)
  • Abbreviations: MVA, manual vacuum aspiration; PAC, postabortion care.