PAC Client Contraceptive Counseling and Uptake (N=68)

No. (%)
Client counseling
Not told when they could become pregnant again27 (40)
Counseled to wait at least 6 months before becoming pregnant33 (49)
Counseled on voluntary family planning64 (94)
Contraceptive uptake
Chose and received method before facility discharge32 (47)
Using method at time of survey48 (71)
Method using at the time of the surveya
Injectable22 (46)
Oral contraceptives10 (21)
Male condom9 (19)
Implant3 (6)
CycleBeads2 (4)
Missing2 (4)
Reasons for nonuseb
Wanted to get pregnant6 (30)
Thinks unable to get pregnant3 (15)
Disapproves of family planning2 (10)
Believes body is weak/needs to recover3 (15)
Reports family planning not available2 (10)
Has infrequent sex or is no longer with partner1 (5)
Worries that bleeding is too much1 (5)
  • Abbreviation: PAC, postabortion care.

  • a N=48.

  • b N=20.