Uptake of EID, HIV Status, HIV Incidence, and Predictors of HIV Infection Among Infants

Intervention n/N (%)Control n/N (%)P Value
Uptake of EID
EID conducteda181/195 (92.8)128/188 (68.1)<.001
EID conducted within 8 weeksb145/181 (80.1)104/128 (81.2).25
HIV status of infantc
HIV negative174/181 (96.1)125/127 (98.4)
HIV positive7/181 (3.9)2/127 (1.6).80
  • Abbreviations: EID, early infant diagnosis; PCR, polymerase chain reaction.

  • a Assessed among those who were followed until 14 weeks postpartum, excluding 17 women with stillbirths and 4 women whose infant died before reaching 6 weeks postpartum who did not need to return for EID.

  • b Assessed among infants who were tested for HIV.

  • c Assessed among those for whom PCR test results were available.