Source and Dates for Distribution-to-Client Data

CountrySource of Direct-to-Client Distribution of ImplantsPeriod Covering Direct-to-Client Distribution DataPeriod Using Demographic Estimates Instead of Distribution-to-Client Data
Burkina FasoPipeLine databaseJanuary 2010–June 2017n/a
Ethiopian/an/aJanuary 2011–December 2017
GhanaDHIMSJanuary 2010–December 2010 andJanuary 2011–December 2011
January 2012–December 2017
KenyaDHIS 2January 2012–December 2017January 2010–December 2011
PakistaneLMISJanuary 2010–December 2017n/a
TanzaniaeLMISAug 2013–December 2017January 2011–July 2013
Ugandan/an/aJanuary 2010–December 2017
Country AaAnnual Statistical SurveySeptember 2014–December 2017January 2010–August 2014
Country BaPipeLine databaseJanuary 2010–December 2017n/a
  • Abbreviations: DHIMS, district health information management system; DHIS 2, District Health Information System 2; eLMIS, electronic logistics management information system.

  • a Two countries have been anonymized to enable inclusion of their data in this article.