Number of Patients Referred to EQUIP by Type of Private Provider

Provider TypeTotal (n=227)
Chest Physicians (n=40)General Practitioners (n=143)Specialists (n=44)
No. of referred patients7421,5922872,621
No. of patients referred for GeneXpert testing6201,1581671,945
No. of patients diagnosed with TB3967161201,232
No. (%) of patients diagnosed with TB with bacteriological confirmation (GeneXpert/SSM)243 (61.3%)436 (60.8%)48 (40.0%)727 (59.0%)
No. (%) of patients confirmed with RR-TBNANANA26 (3.7%)
  • Abbreviations: EQUIP, Enhanced Use of Quality Drugs and Utilization of Innovative Diagnostics for TB Management in the Private Sector; RR-TB, rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis; SSM, sputum smear microscopy; TB, tuberculosis.