Patient Reengagement Outcomes Among Patients With Chronic (Lifelong) Conditions Who Were Located and Referred Back to KDH, November 2015–October 2016 (N=361)

CCC (n=142)Ward Discharge (n=81)HIV (n=138)
Did not return to care, No. (%)36 (25)22 (27)64 (46)
Returned to care, No. (%)106 (75)59 (73)74 (54)
6-month analysis not possible,a No. (%)18 (17)b19 (32)b11 (15)b
Alive and eligible for 6-month follow-up, No. (%)88 (83)40 (68)63 (85)
Still in clinic at 6 months, No. (%)62 (70)21 (52)43 (68)
  • Abbreviations: CCC, Chronic Care Condition; KDH, Kisoro District Hospital; LTFU, lost to follow-up.

  • a Analysis not possible because either the patient file was lost or the patient died before the 6-month mark, was discharged from the clinic, or was transferred to another clinic after returning.

  • b No. of patients who died before the 6-month analysis period: CCC (4), ward discharge (1), HIV (0), total (5).