Estimated Access to and Utilization of Misoprostol to Prevent Postpartum Hemorrhage in Inhambane and Nampula Provinces, Mozambique, January–September 2017

Misoprostol Distributed Through ANC and TBAsMisoprostol Distributed Minus ReturnedDistrict Population (2017)Annual Births in District (2017)aProportion of Health Facilities Enrolled in Misoprostol ProgramAnnual Births in Misoprostol AreasbBirths in Misoprostol Areas (First 9 Months of 2017)cHome Births in Misoprostol Areas (First 9 Months of 2017)dAccess to Misoprostol at Home BirthseUtilization of Misoprostol at Home BirthsfInterpretation
Inhambane Province
Zavala616243163,6207,36338%2,7982,09863098%39%Excellent access, poor utilization
Homoine41745131,6805,92646%2,7262,04461368%7%Fair access, very poor utilization
Total both districts1,033288295,30013,28942%5,5814,143124383%23%Good access, poor utilization
Nampula Province
Mecuburi1,464840189,8808,54543%3,6742,756827100%g100%gExcellent access and utilization
Erati2,5682,034322,73714,52354%7,8425,8821,765100%g100%gExcellent access and utilization
Monapo1,3571,039389,90217,54643%7,5455,6591,69880%61%Good access, fair utilization
Total 3 districts5,3893,913902,51940,61347%19,08814,2964,289100%g91%Excellent access and utilization
  • a Column C * 4.5%.

  • b Column E * Column D. The calculation uses a fixed number of residents and assumes population figures are similar across the country, leading to imprecision in the calculation of access and utilization indicators.

  • c Column D * 0.75.

  • d Column G * 0.30.

  • e Column A/Column H.

  • f Column B/Column H.

  • g In Mecuburi, access was 100% with 637 remaining doses and 13 additional doses utilized; Erati had 100% access with 803 remaining doses and 269 additional doses utilized. In total, there were 1,440 remaining doses in all 3 districts of Nampula.