Lapses From Care for Chronic Care Clinic and HIV Clinic Patients,a Kisoro District Hospital, Uganda, May 2015–April 2016

New PatientsbExisting Patientsc
CCC patients, N223441
No. (%) of CCC patients who lapsed from cared95 (43)252 (57)
No. (%) of lapsed CCC patients who later returned29 (31)141 (56)
HIV clinic patients, N3611321
No. (%) of HIV patients who lapsed from care216 (60)401 (30)
  • Abbreviation: CCC, Chronic Care Clinic.

  • a Lapse from care defined as 3 or more months since the last appointment for CCC patients and 2 or more months for HIV clinic patients.

  • b New patients (inception cohort) are those who first enrolled in the clinic between May 2015 and April 2016.

  • c Existing patients (prevalence cohort) are those who made at least 3 clinic visits before May 2015 with at least 1 visit between January and April 2015, or, if they first enrolled in early 2015, returning at least once within 3 months after May 1, 2015.

  • d Median lapse=6 months; longest lapse=19 months.