Incremental Cost-Effectiveness of SMGL in Uganda and Zambia

Number of Facility Deliveries in 2016aNumber of Maternal DeathsbNumber of Perinatal DeathsbIncremental Deaths Averted (Maternal and Perinatal)Incremental Life-Years GainedTotal CostcIncremental CostcIncremental Cost per Death AvertedcIncremental Cost per Life-Year Gainedc
    Without SMGL19,8931281,114$1,306,904
    With SMGL28,838869921649,549$2,997,763$1,690,859$10,311$177
    Without SMGL8,83940450$849,489
    With SMGL12,087283411217,362$2,368,826$1,519,338$12,514$206
  • Abbreviation: SGML, Saving Mothers, Giving Life.

  • a The number of district deliveries in 2016 multiplied by the institutional delivery rate for 2012 (for “without SMGL”) and for 2016 (for “with SMGL”) reported in Serbanescu et al.30

  • b Estimated using the 2016 facility deliveries with SMGL (for both “with SMGL” and “without SMGL”) and the total maternal/perinatal death rates for all SMGL-supported districts in 2016 (for with SMGL) and 201230 with adjustments for national-level secular trends (see Supplement 1) to estimate deaths if SMGL had never occurred (for without SMGL).

  • c Results are presented in US 2016 dollars, and represent the totals for the 2 SMGL-supported districts included in the analyses.