Saving Mothers, Giving Life Partner Roles and Responsibilities, by Geographic Scope

Geographic Scope
American College of Obstetrics and GynecologyThought leadership on implementation scienceMentorship training of OB/GYN society (USAID)Support national adoption of uterine balloon tamponade (USAID-supported)
Every Mother Counts
  • Advocacy/media campaigns

  • Co-Chair of Communication Committee

Fund emergency transportation and referral systems
Government of NorwayThought leadership on health information systemsFunded Project C.U.R.E. to provide supplies/equipment
Merck for Mothers
  • Support Phase 1 Secretariat

  • Support website/communication

Strengthen local private health care providers in Uganda
  • Develop entrepreneurial approaches for maternity waiting homes

  • Support Zambia endline census

Project C.U.R.E.Co-Chair of New Partnership CommitteeEnsure availability of critical supplies/equipment for services (funded by USAID and Government of Norway)
USAID (lead USG agency)
  • Lead SMGL for USG

  • Support SMGL Secretariat for Phase 2

  • Co-Chair and fund M&E Working Group

  • Lead MNH technical oversight, support country programs

USAID Mission support for postpartum family planning, voucher programs, private-sector services, and quality assuranceUSAID Mission support for behavior change efforts, technical training and mentoring, and district coordinators
State/OGACTechnical guidance and funding to country teams, outside of the Country Operational Plan fundsCDC and USAID Missions provide HIV/AIDS technical oversight and support to country programs
  • Lead M&E efforts for the SMGL initiative, including cross-country analysis

  • Co-Chair M&E Working Group (funded by USAID)

Lead M&E activities for the country including RAMOS, HFAs, POMS, MDSR, and BABIES (funded by OGAC)Lead M&E activities for the country census, HFA, MDSR (funded by OGAC)
U.S. Department of DefenseN/AN/A
  • Support work with 7 government military health facilities, including upgrading maternity wards and operating rooms

  • Construct 7 maternity waiting homes

Peace CorpsDevelop training curriculum on MCH for Peace Corps volunteersN/ASupport community health workers located in SMGL districts
  • Abbreviations: BABIES, Birth Weight and Age-at-Death Boxes for Intervention and Evaluation System; CDC, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; HFA, health facility assessment; M&E, monitoring and evaluation; MCH, maternal and child health; MDSR, maternal death surveillance and response; MNH, maternal and neonatal health; OB/GYN, obstetrics and gynecology; OGAC, Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator; POMS, Pregnancy Outcomes Monitoring Survey; RAMOS, Reproductive Age Mortality Study; SMGL, Saving Mothers, Giving Life; USAID, United States Agency for International Development; USG, United States Government.