Average Unit Cost of Selected Services at Health Facilities in 2016

SMGL-Supported DistrictsComparison DistrictSMGL-Supported DistrictsComparison Districts
Vaginal delivery
    Health center III$41$42
    Health center IV$45$57
    Health center$42$18
    District/general hospital$26$25$12$28
    Referral hospital$24Not available$125$112
Cesarean delivery
    Health center IV$202$337
    District/general hospital$163$140$33$616
    Referral hospital$79Not available$495$458
Antenatal care visit
    Health center III$3.66$5.49
    Health center IV$3.59$5.07
    Health center$4.50$3.96
    District/general hospital$5.03$4.60$6.96$10.75
    Referral hospital$4.92Not available$38.90Not available
  • Abbreviations: SGML, Saving Mothers, Giving Life.

  • Notes: The table includes only costs incurred at the facility level; it does not include training of facility staff. Results are presented in US 2016 dollars inclusive of capital and facility overhead costs. Data were not collected from the referral hospital receiving cases from Masindi.