Examples of Select Documents Reviewed by Country

CountryNational Document
  • Maternal, Newborn, and Child Standards of Health User Manual, April 2015

  • Integrated Maternal, Newborn, and Child Standards for Health, Volume 2: Obstetric Emergency Care, April 2012

  • Obstetric Care Training and Neonatal Emergency Facilitators Guide, May 2012

  • FMOH STGs for Primary Hospitals, 2014

  • FMOH STGs for General Hospitals, 2014

  • FMOH STGs for Health Centers, 2010

  • FMOH Management Protocol on Selected Obstetrics Topics for Health Centers, 2014

  • FMOH Basic Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care Training Manual, 2013

  • Malawi STGs Incorporating Malawi Essential Medicines List, 2015

  • Malawi National Reproductive Health Service Delivery Guidelines, 2014–2019

  • Participants Manual in Integrated Maternal and Neonatal Care, 2015

  • Reproductive Health Unit Obstetric Management Protocols

  • Report of Expert Consensus Panel on the use of ACS, October 2014

  • MOH National Strategic Health Development Plan 2010–2015

  • “Saving One Million Lives” Accelerating improvements in Nigeria's Health Outcomes through a new approach to basic services delivery, 2012

Sierra Leone
  • Basic Package of Essential Health Services for Sierra Leone 2015–2020, 2015

  • Reproductive, Newborn and Child Health Strategy 2011–2015

  • Maternity Africa: Policies and Guidelines for Intrapartum Postnatal and Neonatal Care

  • Essential Obstetric and Newborn Care: Practical Guide for Midwives, Doctors With Obstetrics Training and Health Care Personnel Who Deal With Obstetric Emergencies, 2015

  • Administration of Antenatal Corticosteroids in Pre-Term Labour, July 2015, Guidelines

  • Standard Treatment Guidelines and Essential Medicines List, Fourth Edition, 2013

  • Health Sector Strategic Plan July 2015–June 2020

  • MOH Uganda Guidelines, 2012

  • MOH Uganda Clinical Guidelines and Essential Medicines and Health Supplies List for Uganda, 2012, Addendum 2: RMNCH Lifesaving Commodities

  • Essential Medicines and Health Supplies List for Uganda, 2012

  • Abbreviations: ACS, antenatal corticosteroids; DRC, Democratic Republic of the Congo; FMOH, Federal Ministry of Health; MOH, Ministry of Health; RMNCH, reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health; STG, standard treatment guidelines.