ACS Use by Country: Level of Care, Indications for Use, and Pre-Referral Dose Authorization

CountryLevel of Care Approved for ACS UseLevel of Care Where ACS Actually in UseIndications for UsePre-Referral Dose Allowed
DRCTertiary and maternity hospitalsTertiary and maternity hospital in capital onlypPROM, eclampsia, preterm laborNo
EthiopiaReferral, general, primary hospitals, and health centersTertiary and secondary hospitalsPreterm laborYes
MalawiCentral and district hospitalsCentral and district hospitalsPreterm laborNo
NigeriaTertiary hospitalsTertiary hospitalsPreterm laborNo
Sierra LeoneTertiary hospitals including district referral hospitalsTertiary and district referral hospitalsNoneNo
TanzaniaHospitals, health centersHospitalsPreterm laborYes
UgandaHospitals, health centers IV, III, and IIHospitals, health center IVpPROM and “risk of preterm delivery”Yes
  • Abbreviations: ACS, antenatal corticosteroids; DRC, Democratic Republic of the Congo; pPROM, preterm premature rupture of the membranes.