Sayana Press Learning Project Activities by Service Delivery Channel, Uganda, April 2016–March 2017

Service Delivery Channels
VHTsStatic ClinicMobile Outreach
Public SectorRHU Clinics
Number supported40 VHTs (40% men, 60% women; 10 VHTs per district selected from existing cadre of active VHTs)26 clinics with outreach site
  • Kabale (9)

  • Kabarole (4)

  • Mbale (6)

  • Mbarara (7)

4 clinics (1 RHU static clinic per project district)Mobile outreach conducted in 26 public-sector clinic sites
Service delivery
  • Comprehensive family planning counseling, information, and awareness raising

  • Short-acting methods (DMPA-IM, DMPA-SC, oral contraceptives, condoms)

  • Referral to mobile outreach teams, RHU clinics, or public-sector clinics for long-acting methods and other SRH services

  • Comprehensive family planning counseling and information

  • Short-acting methods (DMPA-IM, DMPA-SC, oral contraceptives, condoms)

  • Long-acting methods (implants and IUDs)

  • Permanent methods (tubal ligation and vasectomy)

  • Other SRH services (including HIV and STI testing/treatment and cervical cancer screening)

TrainingsAll 40 VHTs received a 7-day training on:
  • Comprehensive counseling on all methods (including DMPA-SC)

  • Provision of DMPA-SC

  • Provision of other short-acting methods

  • Referral processes

  • Project data collection

42 facility-based providers (nurses, midwives, and clinical officers) drawn from public-sector facilities with outreach site and RHU facilities received a 2-day training on:
  • Comprehensive counseling on all methods including DMPA-SC

  • Provision of DMPA-SC

  • Refresher training on all family planning methods

FP supplies and equipmentVHTs obtained FP commodities from RHU clinics in project districtsFP commodities provided through the NMSAll FP commodities (including DMPA-SC) provided through UHMGAll FP commodities and equipment provided by RHU outreach teams
Additional support provided
  • Monthly supportive supervision provided by RHU clinical staff

  • Comprehensive counseling on all methods including DMPA-SC

Demand creation
  • 1 stakeholders' meeting involving 118 participants (including district health officers and religious and community leaders) drawn from all 4 project districts

  • Educational outreach by RHU providers or VHTs about importance of family planning method through door-to-door mobilization, group information sessions, IEC materials, and media (mainly TV and radio programs)

  • Abbreviations: DMPA-IM, intramuscular depot medroxyprogesterone acetate; DMPA-SC, subcutaneous depot medroxyprogesterone acetate; FP, family planning; IEC, information, education, and communication; IUD, intrauterine device; NA, not applicable; NMS, National Medical Stores; RHU, Reproductive Health Uganda; SRH, sexual and reproductive health; STI, sexually transmitted infection; UHMG, Uganda Health Marketing Group; VHT, village health team.