Correlation Coefficients for Intervention-Prompted Study Behaviors and Baseline and Endline Test Scores (n=48)

Endline Test ScoresBaseline Test ScoresAverage % of SMS Quizzes AnsweredAverage % of SMS Quizzes Correctly AnsweredAverage % of Daily Readings AccessedEver Accessed Online CME CoursesYears of Experience in HIV Care ProvisionAgeMale
(1)Endline test scores1.00
(2)Baseline test scores0.59<.0011.00
(3)Average % of SMS quizzes answered0.
(4)Average % of SMS quizzes correctly answered0.<.0011.00
(5)Average % of daily readings accessed0.20.18−0.004.980.38.010.56<.0011.00
(6)Ever accessed online CME courses0.04.81−0.08.570.45.0020.
(7)Years of experience in HIV care provision0.16.28−0.07.65−0.16.28-0.09.56−0.002.99−
  • Abbreviations: CME, continuing medical education; SMS, short message service.