Gestational Age Parameters for ACS Use and Source by Country

CountryGestational Age CriteriaSource
DRC28–34 weeksNational-level document19
Ethiopia28–34 weeksNational-level document20,21
Malawi<34 weeks
28–34 weeks
24–37 weeks
National-level document22,23
(Note: Criteria varied between national documents available for review.)
Nigeria30–34 weeksKey informant, no national-level document
Sierra Leone28–35 weeksKey informant, no national-level document
Tanzania28–34 weeksNational-level document24
(Note: ACS could be provided as low as 24 weeks if birth is at a well-equipped facility with a specialist available to manage the premature newborn.)
Uganda32–37 weeksNational-level document25
  • Abbreviations: ACS, antenatal corticosteroids; DRC, Democratic Republic of the Congo.