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Peer-Reviewed Literature
Scopus and Web of ScienceGovernance/stewardship/accountability
Digital health/eHealth/electronic health/mHealth/mobile health
  • No articles before 1995

  • Medicine/health/nursing or social science/decision science or environment

  • English or Spanish only

304 (Scopus) + 318 (Web of Science) = 404 deduplicated results121627
Gray Literature and the GSMA, PEPFAR, Vodaphone Foundation, MAMA, mHealth Evidence and mHealth Knowledge by K4Health, Google, WHO, and othersGovernance/stewardship
eHealth/mHealth/digital health/mobile health/individual data/subject tracker/registry/register/registration tracker/patient tracking/individual data
  • English only

  • Abbreviations: K4Health, Knowledge for Health project; MAMA, Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action; PEPFAR, U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief; WHO, World Health Organization.