Primary Study Outcomes, Criteria, and Analysis Set

Outcome (Yes/No) by Source of DataCriteriaAnalysis Set
Client Exit Interview
Quality FP Service Delivery
Properly screened for FPClient reported that (1) her provider either asked if she wanted more children or when she wanted more children and (2) provider asked client if she was interested in FP.Women interviewed at ANC, PNC, immunization, and L&D services
Properly referred for FPClient reported that (1) her provider asked if she was interested in FP, (2) she told the provider she was interested, and (3) the interviewer was able to observe the paper referral slip in client's hand.Women interviewed at ANC, PNC, and immunization services
Properly counseled on FPClient reported that her provider (1) gave her a chance to ask questions; (2) if so, the answers to questions were satisfactory; (3) the provider discussed advantages of methods; (4) the provider discussed side effects; and (5) the provider told client what to do if she experienced side effects.Women interviewed at L&D and FP services
Properly counseled on LARCClient reported that her provider told her (1) where her LARC could be removed; (2) when her LARC should be removed, based on maximum duration of use; and (3) that she could have her LARC removed at any time.LARC adopters
FP Method Use
Modern FP userClient reported that she was using one of the following FP methods or that she had received one of the following methods on the day of interview:
male/female sterilization, IUD, implant, oral contraceptives, male/female condoms, emergency contraception, standard days method, or lactational amenorrhea method.
All nonpregnant women
Modern non-condom FP userSame as previous, except male/female condoms were excluded from the list of methods.All nonpregnant women
LARC userSame as previous, except only includes users of IUDs or implants.All nonpregnant women
Service Statistics
Postpartum Distribution of FP Clients
FP client in the EPPClient received a modern FP method and was within 12 months of last delivery.All FP clients
FP client in immediate postpartum periodClient received a modern FP method and was within 2 days of last delivery.All FP clients
  • Abbreviations: ANC, antenatal care; EPP, extended perinatal period; FP, family planning; IUD, intrauterine device; L&D, labor and delivery; LARC, long-acting reversible contraceptive; PNC, postnatal care.