Background Characteristics of Study Participants and Other Selected Variables, Selected Nigerian States, 2015 (N=9,725)

Religion, %
    Other Christian39.7
Extent of religiosity, %
    Strongly religious72.9
    Somewhat religious27.1
Current age, years, %
    Current age, years, mean28.9
Education, %
    Parity, mean2.8
City of residence, %
Ethnic affiliation, %
Current marital status, %
    Never married30.1
    Previously married4.5
Wealth index, %
Fertility desire, %
    Want another child78.9
    Want no more21.1
Need anyone's permission to use FP, %
Degree to which religion influences FP decision, %
Had exposure to religious leaders' message in favor of FP, %
  • Abbreviations: FCT, Federal Capitol Territory; FP, family planning.