Two-Sample t Test Results Comparing Likeliness to Recommend Services of Client Groups

Client GroupNo.MeanStandard DeviationT-Value CalculatorT Critical ValuesDegrees of FreedomP Value
India (N=188)
Implementation Approach
Drop box968.695.75
Scale Type
Numerical scale958.944.001.162.60185.25
Emoji scale939.263.24
Kenya and Nigeria (N=590)
Age Cohort
Adult clients4728.541.564.201.97202<.001
Youth clients1188.061.18
Clinic Type
Outreach clinics3068.471.060.531.96513.60
Static clinics2848.422.03
Method Type
Short-acting method3838.531.422.241.96587.03
Long-acting method2068.291.70
Insertion vs. Removal
IUD/implant insertion2058.291.712.431.97178.02
IUD/implant removal697.960.75
El Salvador (N=226)
Age Cohort
Adult clients1779.381.270.862.0062.40
Youth clients489.582.25
  • Abbreviation: IUD, intrauterine device.

  • Notes: Adult clients were ages 25 and older; youth were under age 25.