Changes to the Ugandan Curriculum Before and After the TRP Workshop

Before Curricula Review (2005–2008)Revised Objectives, Competencies, and Content After the TRP Workshop (December 2015)
FP ObjectivesObjectives
  • Describe all FP methods

  • Identify clients for FP/RH services

  • Communicate and promote FP/RH effectively to different population groups

  • Provide all FP methods

  • Counsel clients for voluntary informed choice

Content Outline
  • Provide clients with oral pills, progestin-only injectables, ECPs, implants, IUDs, SDM, Cervical Mucus Method, and barrier methods according to national FP/RH guidelines

  • Define FP

  • Integrate FP with other services including MNCH, STIs, and HIV/AIDS

  • History of FP

  • Identify clients with FP/RH complications

  • Benefits and disadvantages of FP

  • Manage clients with FP/RH complications

  • Management of FP services

  • Manage FP clients with STIs and HIV/AIDS

  • Refer clients to other FP/RH services appropriately

FP Objectives
  • Document, manage, and utilize data related to FP/RH

  • Assess clients for different FP methods

Content Outline
  • Explain FP services

  • Define FP

  • Benefits of FP

  • Counsel clients on FP

  • Rights-based FP/RH service delivery

Content Outline
  • Counseling for FP and voluntary informed choice

  • History of FP

  • Cultural beliefs and practices related to FP

  • Benefits and disadvantages of FP

  • Methods of FP/contraceptive technology (oral pills, progestin-only injectables, ECPs, implants, IUDs, SDM, Cervical Mucus Method, condoms – male and female, other barrier metohds)

  • Management of FP services

  • Medical Eligibility Criteria for contraceptive methods

  • Monitoring and evaluation of FP services

  • Provision of FP methods

  • Elements of successful FP monitoring, FP/RH service delivery

  • Provision of FP for special groups (adolescents, postpartum clients, postabortion care, HIV/AIDS, ending mother-to-child transmission of HIV, men)

  • Myths and misconceptions of FP

  • Abbreviations: ECPs, emergency contraceptive pills; FP, family planning; IUDs, intrauterine devices; MNCH, maternal, newborn, and child health; RH, reproductive health; SDM, Standard Days Method; STIs, sexually transmitted infections; TRP, Training Resource Package for Family Planning.