Content Related to Menstrual Bleeding Changes in Key International Family Planning Counseling and Training Resources

Resource/Lead Organization(s)Contraceptive MethodMessages/Content Evaluated
Type of Expected Bleeding ChangesComparison of Bleeding Changes Among Different MethodsWhen to Address Bleeding ChangesType of Reassurance ProvidedaStrategies to Manage Bleeding Changes and Associated SymptomsOverview of Function and Biological Process of MenstruationPotential Benefits of Oligomenorrhea or AmenorrheaExpected Bleeding Changes for Special Populationsb
The Balanced Counseling Strategy Plus: A Toolkit for Family Planning Service Providers Working in High HIV/STI Prevalence Settings24/Population CouncilImplantsYYAfter method initiation2NNYN
DMPA injectableYNAfter method initiation1NNYN
Copper IUDYNAfter method initiation2NNN/AN
LNG IUSYNAfter method initiation2NNYN
Training Resource Package for Family Planning25c/ USAID, WHO, and UNFPAImplantsYNBefore method initiation2NNYN
DMPA injectableYNBefore method initiation3YNYN
Copper IUDYNBefore method initiation2YNN/AY
Providing Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) Learning Resource Package (Modular/Facility-Based)26d/MCSP, JhpiegoImplantsYNBefore method initiation2YNYY
Copper IUDYNBefore method initiation2YNN/AN
LNG IUSYNBefore method initiation2YNYY
Pathfinder Family Planning Resources2732c/PathfinderImplantsYNBefore method initiation3YNYN
DMPA injectableYNBefore method initiation2YNYY
Copper IUDYNBefore method initiation2YNN/AY
Family Planning: A Global Handbook for Providers, 3rd ed.33/WHO and K4Health Project, Johns Hopkins CCPImplantsYNBefore and after method initiation3YNYN
DMPA injectableYNBefore and after method initiation3YNYN
Copper IUDYNBefore and after method initiation2YNN/AN
LNG IUSYNBefore and after method initiation2NNYN
LNG IUS Training Manual for Family Planning34e/ICA FoundationLNG IUSYYBefore method initiation2YNYN
  • Abbreviations: CCP, Center for Communication Programs; DMPA, depot medroxyprogesterone acetate; ICA, International Contraceptive Access; IUD, intrauterine device; LNG IUS, levonorgestrel intrauterine system; K4Health, Knowledge for Health; MCSP, Maternal and Child Survival Program; UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund; USAID, United States Agency for International Development; WHO, World Health Organization.

  • a 1=none; 2=general "no harm" message; 3=detailed "no harm" message.

  • b Special populations include youth and postpartum women.

  • c Method-specific information on the LNG IUS is not included in this resource.

  • d Method-specific information on DMPA is not included in this resource.

  • e Information about the LNG IUS is not included in all resources because it is not widely available in developing countries. The ICA Foundation donates free LNG IUS units and has LNG IUS training resources for providers on their website. The ICA Foundation materials were reviewed for information on the LNG IUS specifically and did not include information on implants, DMPA, or the copper IUD.