Changes to the Tanzanian Curriculum Before and After the TRP Workshop

Before Curriculum Review (2009)FP Curriculum Content and Learning Outcomes Revised After the TRP Workshop (July 2015)
Learning OutcomesLearning Outcomes
  • Provide FP services in the community

  • Provide FP services according to guidelines and protocols

Content OutlineContent Outline
  • Define FP

  • Define FP

  • Identify advantages of FP

  • Identify myths and misconceptions related to FP methods

  • Explain various methods of FP

  • Explain advantages of FP

  • Counsel clients on FP methods

  • Describe short- and long-acting reversible contraceptive methods

  • Explain elements of FP service delivery

  • Take obstetric and gynecological history

  • Perform physical examination

  • Counsel the client on informed choice

  • Screen client for medical eligibility for contraceptive choice

  • Initiate the chosen contraceptive method (oral contraceptive, injectable, implant, intrauterine devices, and natural and barrier methods)

  • Plan for a follow-up visit

  • Refer for permanent methods (vasectomy, tubal ligation) when appropriate

  • Abbreviations: FP, family planning; TRP, Training Resource Package for Family Planning.