Observational Bed Net Entry and Exit Data From a Single Sleeping Space With 2 Occupants, a 23-Year-Old Mother and Her 2-Year-Old Son, Peruvian Amazon

TimeEntry (+)/Exit (−) [Minutes Outside Net Before Reentering]Comments
Mother (P1)Child (P2)
19:00+/− [145 min]+P1 gets into net with P2, then gets back out, does housework, cares for pigs, chickens.
20:50P1 straightens up kitchen, talks with observer.
21:25+/− [37 min]−/+ [1 min]P1 removes P2 from net, takes him to urinate. Both get back into net. P1 gets back out of net.
21:30− [17 min]P2 gets back out of net, sits with P1.
21:47+P2 gets back into net.
21:55− [7 min]P2 gets back out of net, goes to find P1.
22:02++P1 & P2 get into net.
22:06−/+ [1 min]P1 gets out of net to look for socks for P2, finds socks, gets back in.
22:10−/+ [1 min]P1 gets out of net to close bedroom door, gets back in.
01:45−/+ [1 min]P1 gets out of net to get juice for P2, then gets back in & helps P2 drink juice.
01:47− [5 min]− [5 min]P1 takes P2 out of net to urinate.
01:52++P1 and P2 get back into net.
06:05− [5 min]P1 gets out of net, goes outside, opens door to chicken coop to let chickens out.
06:10+P1 gets back into net.
06:22P2 wakes up, looks at P1, sees she is still asleep, stays inside net sitting up.
06:30P1 and P2 both get out of net.
Total minutes outside net from first entry (after 18:30)195 (225)30 (60)
Total number of times net lifted20