PRACHAR Activities, by Project Phase

PRACHAR Strategies and InterventionsTarget LevelImplementer(s)Phase IPhase IIPhase III
Comprehensive3-yearmodelComprehensive 5-yearmodel (continued for 2years beyond Phase I)Comprehensive2-year modelHomevisitsonlyVolunteersonlyTrainedcouplesonly2-yearmodel withASHAs
Interventions with adolescents, young couples, key influencers, and communities to increase support for RH practices and use of services
Small-group education on RH with adolescent girls (aged 12–14 years), and unmarried girls and boys aged 15–19 yearsIndividualTrainers from NGO training partnerXXXX
Counseling on RH/FP and referrals to FP services through regularly scheduled home visits to married young women with no children, married young women with first pregnancy, married postpartum young women who delivered their first child, married young women with 1 childIndividualPhase I and II: Female Change Agent Phase III: ASHAXXXXX
Home visits to women and men (whenever possible, without a regular schedule) and referral by female and male volunteers (rather than paid change agents), respectivelyIndividualMale and female community volunteersX
Outreach to young couples by other trained young couples (rather than change agents, peer–to-peer outreach approach)Individual, young couplesMale and female members of young couplesX
Newlywed couple ceremony/infotainment partiesYoung couples, GroupNGO training partnerXX
Small-group discussion and dialogue on RH and contraception, and referrals to health services, separately to young married women and married menGroupPhase I and II: Female Change Agent, Male CommunicatorPhase III: ASHA, Male CommunicatorXXXX
Orientation and training of community leaders and influencers on RH for young peopleCommunityNGO intervention partnerXXX
Group meetings and infotainment programs for mothers and fathers of young married men (the mothers-in-law and fathers-in-law of young married women)CommunityNGO intervention partnerXXXXXX
Street theater performancesCommunityNGO intervention partnerXXX
Wall paintingsCommunityNGO intervention partnerXXXXXXX
Improving access to RH services
Support to monthly MCH clinics by providing government ANMs with training and support, essential instruments, and recordkeeping tools.CommunityPhase I and II: NGO intervention partner, Anganwadi Worker, ANM (Government)XXXXXX
Training of rural health practitioners on RH and FP issuesCommunityNGO training partnerXXXXXX
Training of TBAs on safe delivery, counseling on postpartum contraceptives, and referral of pregnant women with complicationsCommunityNGO training partnerXXXXXX
Training of chemist outlets and village convenience shops on FP and connecting them with social marketing agencies to encourage regular stocks of condoms and pillsCommunityNGO intervention partnerXXXXXX
  • Abbreviations: ANM, auxiliary nurse-midwife; AHSA, accredited health social activist; FP, family planning; MCH, maternal and child health; PRACHAR, Promoting Change in Reproductive Behavior of Adolescents; RH, reproductive health; TBA, traditional birth attendant.