Difference-in-Difference Analysis on Core ITN Indicators

ComparisonDifference-in-DifferencesP Value
HH owns any ITN
Obubra (3 rounds) vs. Comparisona58.8%<.001
Ogoja (2 rounds) vs. Comparisona58.9%<.001
Obubra (3 rounds) vs. Ogoja (2 rounds)−0.01%.99
HH owns at least 1 ITN per 2 people
Obubra (3 rounds) vs. Comparisona28.2%<.001
Ogoja (2 rounds) vs. Comparisona28.8%<.001
Obubra (3 rounds) vs. Ogoja (2 rounds)−0.6%.91
Population access to ITN within HHb
Obubra (3 rounds) vs. Comparisona49.6%<.001
Ogoja (2 rounds) vs. Comparisona47.2%<.001
Obubra (3 rounds) vs. Ogoja (2 rounds)2.4%.42
  • Abbreviations: HH, household; ITN, insecticide-treated net.

  • a The rest of the LGAs (8 total) in the wave 1 distribution served as the comparison group at baseline, while Ikom LGA served as the comparison group at endline.

  • b Proportion of the population with access to an ITN within their household (assuming each ITN in a household can be used by 2 people).