Baseline Characteristics of Survey Households, by Comparisona and School-Based Distribution Intervention Sites (N=753)

ComparisonInterventionP Value
Rest of Wave 1 (N=251)Ogoja LGA: 2 Rounds (N=286)Obubra LGA: 3 Rounds (N=216)
No. of de-jure household members, mean4.
No. of persons per sleeping room2.
Households with any children under 5, %33.1%38.5%37.1%.56
Households with a pregnant woman, %8.6%9.6%12.3%.51
Households with any eligible school children, %36.7%42.8%.19b
Age of head of household, years, mean41.343.441.4.24
Female-headed households, %18.4%23.5%22.5%.57
Educational achievement of head of household, %.09
Household access to safe water, %41.2%35.8%23.6%.47
Household access to any latrine, %72.0%66.0%59.8%.33
Houses with modern roof (e.g., sheets, tiles), %89.7%92.2%91.2%.81
Household ownership of radio, %86.4%81.8%68.9%.02
Household ownership of mobile phone, %83.7%80.3%66.7%.06
Household ownership of any means of transport, %73.8%58.2%55.7%.007
Households registered by ITN campaign, %48.0%37.8%44.9%.36
Household received any net from campaign, %65.8%47.0%47.6%.006
No. of ITNs received, if any, mean1.881.731.83.61
  • Abbreviations: ITN, insecticide-treated net; LGA, local government area.

  • a The rest of the LGAs (8 total) in the wave 1 distribution served as the comparison group at baseline.

  • b Comparing Ogoja to Obubra LGA.