Objectives and Components of the CECAP Program in Burkina Faso

To strengthen institutional and provider capacity to provide CECAP servicesTraining
  • Provision of initial equipment for VIA, cryotherapy, and LEEP including parts and supplies

  • Training of providers in counseling, VIA, cryotherapy, and LEEP

  • Supportive supervision visits to mentor and support providers

  • Cryotherapy machine maintenance was performed abroad, reducing availability of services

  • Shortage of supplies for VIA and cryotherapy (acetic acid, carbon dioxide, swabs, gauze)

  • Training local technicians to perform maintenance of cryotherapy machines internally

  • Charging user fees to finance some of the costs of the procedures

To increase awareness about cervical cancer and CECAP services among providers and patientsDemand generation
  • Group education in facilities about cervical cancer and CECAP services

  • Television programs about cervical cancer and CECAP services

  • Prohibitive user fees deterred demand for cryotherapy services at the same visit as screening

  • The implementing organization and SOGOB used a costing analysis to advocate for a reduced user fee in line with patients' financial capacity

To build local capacity to monitor program progress, identify shortcomings, and take corrective actionsMonitoring
  • Development of data collection tools: individual client form, client registry, and monthly summary sheet

  • Training of data managers on data extraction and crosscheck methodology to improve data quality

  • Training of providers on utilization of data to track program progress

  • Routine review and dissemination of program results

  • Women referred from other facilities were screened and counted twice in program statistics

  • Tracking error was identified by providers and rectified in subsequent years to improve data quality

  • Abbreviations: CECAP, cervical cancer prevention; LEEP, loop electrosurgical excision procedures; SOGOB, Burkinabe Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics; VIA, visual inspection with acetic acid.