Comparison of Gains in mCPR and Method-Specific CPR for Implants, Injectables, IUDs, and Pills, Married Women, 2008–2017

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Country and Data SourcemCPR (%)Total Gain in mCPR (pp)Implant CPR (%)Total Gain in Implant CPR (pp)Injectable CPR (%)Total Gain in Injectable CPR (pp)IUD CPR (%)Total Gain in IUD CPR (pp)Pill CPR (%)Total Gain in Pill CPR (pp)
Kenya PMA R5 201659.920.518.−2.1
Kenya DHS 2008–0939.41.921.61.67.2
Burkina Faso PMA R4 201624.69.611.88.48.2a2.−0.4
Burkina Faso DHS 201015.
Malawi DHS 2015-1658.115.911.510.−0.1
Malawi DHS 201042.21.325.80.32.5
Zimbabwe DHS 201565.−0.4
Zimbabwe DHS 2010–1157.
Ethiopia PMA R5 201735.−0.3
Ethiopia DHS 201127.33.420.80.32.1
Senegal DHS 201623.
Senegal DHS 2010–1112.
Uganda PMA R5 201733. a3.−0.2
Uganda DHS 201126.02.714.10.52.9
DRC/K PMA R5 201623. a−
DRC/K DHS 2013–1419.
Tanzania DHS 2015–1632.−1.2
Tanzania DHS 201027.42.310.60.66.7
Ghana PMA R5 201625.−0.2
Ghana DHS 200816.
Nigeria PMA R2 201716.−
Nigeria DHS 20139.
Niger PMA R1 201614.
Niger DHS 201212.
  • Abbreviations: CPR, contraceptive prevalence rate; DHS, Demographic and Health Survey; DMPA, depot medroxyprogesterone acetate; DRC/K, Democratic Republic of the Congo/Kinshasa only; IUD, intrauterine device; PMA, Performance Monitoring and Accountability 2020; pp, percentage point; R, round.

  • Note: Table ordered according to implant CPR (Column 4).

  • a Sum of the intramuscular DMPA injectable and the subcutaneous injectable Sayana Press.