Low Implant Use by Nulliparous Married Women, Substantial Use by Married Women With Children, 7 Countries With Recent DHS Surveys

Country and Data SourceImplant CPR at Parity 0Range of Implant CPRs at Parity 1 and Higher
Zimbabwe DHS 20150.38.3–12.6
Kenya DHS 20140.48.9–11.2
Tanzania DHS 2015–160.56.5–7.7
Malawi DHS 2015–160.69.7–13.3
Senegal DHS 20160.76.7–10.8
Ghana DHS 20144.44.0–6.6
Ethiopia DHS 20164.75.6–10.5
  • Abbreviations: CPR, contraceptive prevalence rate; DHS, Demographic and Health Survey.

  • Notes: Table ordered from lowest to highest Implant CPR at parity 0. All data reported as percentages.