Trends in the mCPR, Implant CPR, and Implant Share of Current Method Mix Among Married Women and Sexually Active Unmarried Women, 2003–2017

Column 1Married WomenSexually Active Unmarried Women
Column 2Column 3Column 4Column 5Column 6Column 7
Country and Data SourcemCPRImplant CPRImplant Share of Method MixmCPRImplant CPRImplant Share of Method Mix
Kenya PMA R5 201659.918.
Kenya DHS 2008-0939.41.94.845.11.22.7
Kenya DHS 200331.51.75.444.32.04.5
Burkina Faso PMA R4 201624.611.848.
Burkina Faso DHS 201015.03.422.758.72.33.9
Burkina Faso DHS 20038.
Malawi DHS 2015–1658.111.519.843.25.813.4
Malawi DHS 201042.
Malawi DHS 200428.10.51.824.30.00.0
Zimbabwe DHS 201565.89.614.666.414.421.7
Zimbabwe DHS 2010–1157.32.74.761.52.74.4
Zimbabwe DHS 2005-0658.
Ethiopia PMA R5 201735.28.323.747.115.633.2
Ethiopia DHS 201127.33.412.552.32.44.6
Ethiopia DHS 200513.90.21.443.30.00.0
Senegal DHS 201623.17.130.747.95.912.3
Senegal DHS 2010–1112.
Senegal DHS 200510.30.65.843.30.65.8
Uganda PMA R5 201733.97.120.845.54.08.7
Uganda DHS 201126.02.710.444.32.45.4
Uganda DHS 200617.90.31.746.90.00.0
DRC/K PMA R5 201623.46.728.641.83.58.3
DRC/K DHS 2013–1419.02.412.6NAbNAbNA
Tanzania DHS 2015–1632.06.720.945.87.716.8
Tanzania DHS 201027.42.38.444.72.86.3
Tanzania DHS 2004–0520.00.52.535.70.51.4
Ghana PMA R5 201625.85.923.037.67.820.8
Ghana DHS 200816.60.95.433.80.82.4
Ghana DHS 200318.71.05.331.60.30.9
Nigeria PMA R2 201716.13.018.834.90.82.2
Nigeria DHS 20139.
Nigeria DHS 20089.
Niger PMA R1 201614.41.711.9NAbNAbNAb
Niger DHS 201212.20.32.539.90.00.0
Niger DHS 20065.0NAaNAaNAbNAbNAb
  • Abbreviations: CPR, contraceptive prevalence rate; DHS, Demographic and Health Survey; DRC/K, Democratic Republic of the Congo/Kinshasa only; mCPR, modern contraceptive prevalence rate; NA, not available; PMA, Performance Monitoring and Accountability 2020; R, round.

  • Notes: Uppermost entry for each country, shown in boldface, is the latest available DHS survey report or PMA2020 Family Planning Brief as of December 31, 2017. Table ordered according to implant CPR for married women (Column 3). All data reported as percentages.

  • a Implants included in “other modern methods” category.

  • b Data not provided in survey report.