Wasting, Socioeconomic Status, and Coverage of Services in Intervention and Comparison Areas at Baseline (March–July 2014 for Intervention, September–November 2014 for Comparison) and Endline (October–December 2015)

Intervention (N=2,578)aComparison (N=2,092)aIntervention (N=3,455)aComparison (N=2,122)a
Wasting, %18.016.913.016.0**
Severe wasting, %**
Moderate wasting, %14.213.610.612.1
PPI: Likelihood below US$2.16/day/PPP line, %72.677.3***71.473.7**
Child received any service from SNEHA in previous month, %2.21.686.00.8***
  • Abbreviations: PPI, Progress out of Poverty Index; PPP, purchasing power parity; SNEHA, Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action.

  • Pearson chi-square tests comparing baseline intervention to baseline comparison areas and endline intervention to endline comparison areas.

  • * P≤.05; ** P≤.01; *** P≤.001.

  • a Total sample sizes may vary due to missing values.