Contraceptive Services Provided to Clients by HEWs During and After Training, and by Nurses and Doctors through Back-Up and Outreach Servicesa

No. (%) of Service Visits Served by HEWsNo. (%) of Service Visits Served by Other Health Care ProvidersTotal No. (%) of Service Visits
During Training SessionsbWith Post-Training Supplies Provided to HEWscWith Gap-Filling Supply Support to Health Posts After Post-Training Supplies ExhaustedcDuring Back-Up ServicesdDuring Implant Removal Service Support at Health CenterseDuring Outreach Implant Removal Service Supportf
Jul 2009 to Dec 2015Jul 2009 to Dec 2015Sep 2011 to Dec 2015Sep 2011 to Dec 2015Sep 2011 to Aug 2012Sep 2011 to Aug 2012Jul 2009 to Dec 2015
Total service visits82,702 (100.0)446,010735,00089,177 (100.0)20,498 (100.0)8,931 (100.0)1,382,318 (100.0)
LARC insertions67,662 (81.8)446,010735,00035,414 (39.7)1284086 (92.9)
Implanon insertions63,989 (77.4)446,010735,00028,991 (32.5)1,273,990 (92.2)
Jadelle insertions3,590 (4.3)4,321 (4.8)7,911 (0.6)
IUD insertions83 (0.1)2,102 (2.4)2,185 (0.2)
Short-acting methods12,320 (14.9)32,716 (36.7)45036 (3.3)
Depo-Provera injectables10,214 (12.4)25,231 (28.3)35,445 (2.6)
Oral contraceptive pillsg2,106 (2.5)4,950 (5.6)7,056 (0.5)
Condoms2,535 (2.8)2,535 (0.2)
LARC removals2,720 (3.3)21,047 (23.6)20,498 (100.0)8,931 (100.0)53,196 (3.8)
Implanon removals1,163 (1.4)17,302 (19.4)14,389 (70.2)4,321 (48.4)37,175 (2.7)
Jadelle removals191 (0.2)1,461 (1.6)2,637 (12.9)686 (7.7)4,975 (0.4)
IUD removals23 (0.03)75 (0.1)98 (0.01)
Norplant removals1,343 (1.6)2,209 (2.5)3,472 (16.9)3,924 (43.9)10,948 (0.8)
  • Abbreviations: HEW, Health Extension Worker; IFHP, Integrated Family Health Program; IUD, intrauterine device; LARC, long-acting reversible contraceptive; TOT, training of trainers.

  • a Data for the different program activities in the table were collected at different points during the program period; this table does not include insertions performed by doctors and nurses at the health center level.

  • b Includes both TOT and rollout training sessions.

  • c Post-training supplies were provided to HEWs to allow them to provide immediate services and gap-filling supply support was provided to health posts after post-training supplies were exhausted. HEWs also provided other contraceptive services to clients post-training, but these data are not included in this table.

  • d IFHP supported regular back-up services, whereby doctors and nurses from health centers traveled to health posts to offer removal services for LARC clients.

  • e In addition to doctors and nurses traveling from the health centers to health posts to offer removal services, the doctors and nurses also provided removal services at the health centers.

  • f IFHP mobile teams traveled to woredas outside the project catchment area to serve women in need of implant removals.

  • g Includes both combined oral contraceptive pills and progestin-only pills.