Average Salience Scores for Reasons for TFR Stagnation in Jordan, by Interview Group

Desire for Large FamiliesFear of Side Effects With Modern MethodsInfluence of Husbands and Mothers-in-LawPreference for SonsShort Birth Intervals; Rapid Pregnancy After Marriage
Central MOH officials (n=11)21000
Regional MOH officials (n=17)712642
Private sector health professionals (n=6)43231
Other government officials (n=10)75223
Donor staff (n=6)31310
International experts (n=9)51131
USAID project contractors (n=10)36312
Average salience score, all key informants (N=69)
  • Abbreviations: MOH, Ministry of Health; TFR, total fertility rate; USAID, United States Agency for International Development.