Comparison of the Pakistan and Ethiopia Pilot Tests

In-country electronic logistics management information systemcLMISHCMIS
Bar codingTransition from proprietary to GS1 bar codesGS1 bar codes, from the outset
E2E dashboardAchieved by integrating RHI with cLMIS and incorporating data from bar code scanningAchieved by integrating RHI with HCMIS and incorporating data from bar code scanning
SerializationNot part of the pilot testSerialization was done at the secondary package level
Scanning approachHandheld optical scannersOpen-sourced Android smartphone app developed locally (HCMIS barcode scanner)
Where track and trace was pilot testedCentral Warehouse and Supplies, Karachi to Lahore district storeCentral warehouse to Addis Ababa distribution hub to Woreda health center and Nefas Silk Lafto health center
ResultFull E2E track and trace was not achieved due to lack of inventory management system at the district level and lack of bar codes at the primary unit levelFull E2E track and trace via digital scanning demonstrated to the exact number of packages distributed between the 2 health centers
  • Abbreviations: cLMIS, contraceptive logistics management information system; E2E, end-to-end (supply chain); HCMIS, Health Commodity Management Information System; RHI, Reproductive Health Interchange.