Sensitivity Analysis Results: At What Threshold Valuea Would Removal of POIs Result in an Increase in Life-Years?

VariableCentral AfricaEastern AfricaSouthern AfricaWestern Africa
ChadDRCKenyaTanzaniaUgandaMalawiSouth AfricaBurkina FasoSenegal
POI contraceptive failure rate82.8%78.7%79.3%81.4%81.1%81.0%14.4%84.2%84.7%
% of women switching to an equally effective methodb96.9%92.8%93.5%96.1%95.4%94.9%15.2%99.6%100.0%
Maternal mortality ratiocccccc−23%cc
  • Abbreviation: DRC, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  • a A threshold value indicates the value a variable would need to reach or exceed for removal of POIs to result in increased life-years. For example, in South Africa the maternal mortality ratio would need to decrease by 23% for the removal of POIs to be associated with increased life-years, assuming all other variables remain the same.

  • b Intrauterine device or implant.

  • c No threshold value exists; across all values of the maternal mortality ratio, removal of POIs results in loss of life-years.